Behind Maze

Very often we wander in our minds without seeing or finding a way out; we try different directions, sometimes shortcuts and yet we often get lost, we get trapped.
The maze works just like our minds, many different roads that intertwine,different paths that lead us to different points.
Inside the maze we feel conflicting emotions, fear, excitement, joy, sadness.
But if the way out is the same for everyone, why not create your own world within it?
Our brand was born not only from a deep passion for fashion and the streetwear world, but also from the desire to convey a concept.
 Through our designs we want to tell you a story that represents the journey of life. We all have mazes in our heads, everyone’s looks different, everyone takes its own path.
You need to create your own story, your own world within the maze without constantly trying to find a way out.
When you will be able to feel free and happy in your own maze you’ll realize that's the real door to freedom and to a full awareness of who you are.