Our mind is very complex, we often get lost in thinking, doing,
    recalling the past, remembering, being anxious about the future. Our thoughts
    take different paths, sometimes they are dead ends while other times they lead
    us to the best solution for us. "The Maze" design was born from the
    very idea that our head is inhabited by mazes that sometimes make us feel lost
    while others easily condemn us to a way out. We can never escape from our maze,
    but every decision, every choice leads us in a different direction.

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  • ROSE


    The goal of a maze is not to find the way out, but to find its center, a balance. There is no way out for our thoughts, but there is a point at which we feel at peace with some of the things that have tormented us along the way.
    Roses are a metaphor for life, symbolizing fulfillment and perfection. Each color has its own meaning, yellow roses signify joy and new beginnings and that is what you get when you reach the center of the maze.

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    It's not uncommon to feel like you're lost in your own mind or trapped
    in a maze of your own thoughts and emotions. In these moments, it can be
    easy to become consumed by negative self-talk or overwhelmed by the
    complexities of your own inner world. The twists and turns of your
    thoughts and emotions can make it feel like you're stuck in a maze with
    no clear way out. However, it's important to remember that you have the
    power to navigate your own maze and find your way back to a place of
    clarity and peace. By practicing mindfulness, self-reflection, and
    self-compassion, you can begin to understand the patterns and triggers
    that keep you trapped in your own thoughts and emotions, and find new
    pathways that lead to healing, growth, and self-discovery.

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